Thursday, 18 November 2010

Barclay's: not a great home for my savings (Video)


  1. there is no way barclays and their partners can get away with this - get as much publicity as you can - Im forwarding to every contact I have and urge other followers to do the same. I hope they dont believe in karma.

  2. Outrageous behaviour by Barclays. Make sure you litigate. Make sure you also personally subpoena Bob Diamond, John Varley and especially the individuals named in the correspondence. Look at their T&C's and you'll see a corporate policy on dispute resolution which is taken at board level so the main board are also involved.

    Once their names are personally on a court document they can feel worried at night.

    Good luck and fight them hard

  3. This is terrible i hope you get barclays back! I know for a fact that I am NEVER banking with them again.

    I hope you get every penny back. You and your family rightfully desevere it.

    Good luck, sue them and make sure they suffer.


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